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Campeyn Group Case Study

3 minutes
Nov 2022


“The team at LinkSafe have been extremely supportive and cooperative in adhering to our legislative requirements when building our platform, we have indeed gained valuable takeaways from this. Our experience working with LinkSafe has signalled a positive start to an exciting collaborative relationship with our subcontractors.” – Meibelle Gregory, Business Excellence Manager of Campeyn Group


Founded in 1987, Campeyn Group is an industry-leading facilities and asset management business that delivers tailored services for numerous industries including local government, disability, education, healthcare and more. A family-owned business committed to service excellence for clients and their stakeholders, their solutions are underpinned by superior management skills and innovative technology to streamline businesses, reduce costs and ensure facilities run smoothly.

The Challenge

Prior to engaging LinkSafe, Campeyn Group experienced troubles with screening contractors as they did not have a reliable procedure or platform to assess subcontractors’ capabilities and qualifications. Campeyn Group wanted to ensure compliance was to be improved through the implementation of a professional content and auditable platform.

“The increased number of contractors over time resulted in on-going difficulty to accurately monitor their credentials in meeting our client requirements without an automated system in place,” said Meibelle.

The Solution

“LinkSafe provided an efficient, professional pre-qualification content system that greatly manages the aspects of requesting approval, expiring documentation reminders, as well as custom-built induction content that was tailored by their in-house lawyer. This saved us from having to deal with potential errors when retrieving and assessing mass amounts of data and ensured that a high level of compliance is maintained,” said Meibelle.

The Results

LinkSafe has enabled Campeyn Group to efficiently develop a reliable, automation system that manages their extensive database of subcontractors in a productive manner.

“Ever since LinkSafe assisted in creating our automation system, our pre-qualification of contractors has significantly improved. The platform allowed for controlled data changes, thus ensuring only authorised managers are approving and onboarding subcontractors. The new ‘smart wallet pass’ system that occurs upon completion of induction that was implemented by LinkSafe made the verification process easily accessible on any smart device by Campeyn Group and our clients.”