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Blue Cross Case Study

May 2021

“LinkSafe have helped bring certainty around our expectations for excellence. Their engagement reinforces that certainty. Our standards for the safety and wellbeing of our residents won’t be compromised. LinkSafe’s systems ensure our commitment to excellence remains”.
– Martin Earp, General Manager, Property Operations.

Established in 1993, BlueCross is a leading private aged care provider in Victoria. It offers services like residential care, in-home support and respite care. BlueCross currently supports more than 2600 residents in their aged care residences and over 1000 clients living in their own homes.

LinkSafe’s initial working relationship with BlueCross was to induct its contractors and staff. Then COVID hit, and like everything, a rethink of strategy was needed. This saw BlueCross look to improve how it undertook prequalifying contractors, managing sign-ins, where contractors were, deploying a more effective contract tracing system, and everything else their systems could do. Nothing was off-limits and BlueCross sought to improve it all.

Now they are using LinkSafe’s Contract Management Systems for all aspects of their operational needs.

The Challenge

“COVID forced us to rethink how we could improve managing our while operations and LinkSafe came to the party and made sure we could do everything we sought to do!”

The commitment of BlueCross’s management team to improve and fast track its operational procedures meant it needed a contractor management system that could manage large numbers of contractors and staff.

BlueCross’s needs are greater than other businesses because the sensitivity and nature of care administered to its residents and their safety is critical.

It required a consistent and well-documented system for permit control. It had to know where its contractors were and if their insurance documents were current. And if that wasn’t enough, it also was imperative Earp says, “to effectively manage visitor attendance and attain details to safeguard and ensure effective contact tracing system requirements were in place.

LinkSafe have shown to have an extremely cost-effective solution with a very responsive team supporting them.”

– Martin Earp, General Manager, Property Operations.

The Solution

LinkSafe, Martin Earp says, was the Solution.

“They were the answer to all the challenges we faced. We looked at other service providers, but LinkSafe were the most cost-effective and best for rapid deployable solutions”.

The Results

Martin Earp says from a compliance and legal perspective, LinkSafe’s systems met all of its requirements.

“A complete shift in culture change is what was expected when you came onto a BlueCross site.

The expectation of all of our contractors and visitors is that had to provide accurate information to maintain the high standards BlueCross sets.
Certainty around excellence could not and would not be compromised.”