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To manage the volume of contractors coming on-site, and ensuring the safety of workers and patrons alike. LinkSafe is able to assist in the management and communication of contractors through it’s efficiently smart platform.

Managing multiple sites made easy

With many retail locations requiring out of hours servicing, managing contractors before and when they arrive on-site can be a tough challenge. Through the LinkSafe system, it’s quick and easy to sign in, check for compliance and issue ‘permit to work’ approval before or when an individual has arrived on-site.

We know that many retail locations have vast spaces, making it a challenge to effectively communicate with contractors, especially in the case of an emergency. With features such as SMS broadcasting, it’s simple to send out notifications to contractors of a certain trade type or all individuals on a specific site, using a hyperlink to acknowledge the SMS.

Save on processing times

With everything else going on, the last thing you need is contractors needing you to induct new people before they can get to work. To save on processing times, our free contractor portal streamlines this process by having the contractor handle this workload instead.

They can simply log into the contractor portal to manage all their own documents, insurances and other credentials. It also allows them to induct their own employees and subbies and check who is compliant before getting sent to a site. They can even check the time/attendance of their own staff that they have sent to a site.