Government & Local Government

When it comes to the Government sector, consistency of message and workflow across various sites, and the organisation as a whole, is paramount. With the different types of sites varying greatly, LinkSafe provides a personalised solution to managing each unique risk.

A centrally managed system

Government sites can widely vary, from an airport to an office building to a sporting ground – each having their own unique risks due to their varied nature. The established consistency of message and workflow across multiple sites and the organisation is also required to eliminate any confusion and grey areas.

Signing in corporate visitors and contractors

In this new era of contact tracing, having a quick and easy to use system for signing in corporate visitors and contractors is essential. If this process is done manually, it can quickly become an administrative nightmare. With our QR code sign-in feature, this process becomes faster, easier and more logistically viable.

Easily meet contact tracing requirements

Once a visitor/contractor arrives at reception, they can simply scan a unique QR code with their smart device or sign-in through our app via a tablet. They will be prompted to read any required information before filling out their details and any custom information, and once signed in, the host will be notified via an automated alert through an SMS and/or email.