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Streamlined Government Site Management Software

Ensuring streamlined communication and workflow across diverse government sites is crucial for the smooth functioning of governmental organisations. This is where our government site management software, LinkSafe, comes into play. It provides a personalised solution, allowing each Australian government site to manage unique risks optimally.

Centralised Government Site Management System

Government sites in Australia can vary vastly, from airports and office buildings to sporting grounds, each presenting unique risks. Our government site management software ensures the consistency of message and workflow across these diverse sites, eliminating confusion and grey areas, enhancing overall efficiency.

Streamlining Visitor and Contractor Sign-In Process

In the era of contact tracing, an efficient sign-in system for corporate visitors and contractors is essential. Manual processes can become burdensome, but our government site management software Australia offers an easy-to-use QR code sign-in feature, making the process faster, simpler, and more efficient.

Meeting Contact Tracing Requirements with Ease

Our system streamlines the arrival process for visitors/contractors at reception. They can easily scan a unique QR code with their smart device or sign-in through our app via a tablet. After reading any required information and filling out their details, they sign in, and the host gets notified automatically via an SMS and/or email alert. Our government site management software Australia ensures a smooth and compliant contact tracing process.

From contractor and credential management to incident and hazard reporting,induction management, legal expertise and a host of other applications, LinkSafe provides tailored solutions to all your compliance challenges.