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Australia’s Premier Automated Visitor Management System

We create tailored visitor management software that is fully designed to automate your visitor sign-in process, making it contactless using QR codes and fully customisable to suit your needs. We also design a sleek app to reflect your branding and provide a great user experience.

Our track record
Image Closeup of person sitting down working on a tablet
1 million+ visitors signed in
A tradesperson holding a phone which shows that they have signed in
10,000+ host notifications via SMS
Image of person holding a tablet
5,000+ sites signing in visitors
Pre-booked visitors
Easily pre-book your visitors to speed up the sign-in process.
Contactless sign-in
Contactless QR code sign-in, ideal for pandemics or infection control.
Arrival notifications
Receive an instant alert via sms and/or email as soon as visitors arrive.
Personalised app
We’ll create your own personalised visitor management app.
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What makes our visitor management system unique?

Poor visitor experience, slow sign-in process, compliance issues – these are phrases no organisation wants to hear when it comes to their visitor sign-in experience. With our visitor sign-in management system, the entire process becomes automated, offering a seamless experience in customised visitor management.

Not only that, but we don’t offer a “one size fits all” solution either. What makes us unique is that our in-house team will work closely alongside you to create a personalised visitor management system in Australia from the ground up, incorporating both customised visitor management and contactless visitor management.

What do you get out of it?

Having issues with contact tracing?

No problem, we’ll set up a contactless sign-in system so your visitors can simply scan the code using any QR scanner. Depending on your requirements, visitors can also be inducted during the sign-in process.

Experiencing issues when it comes to keeping track of your visitors?

No problem, we’ll create a tailored visitor management app that provides an electronic form for visitors to fill out, resulting in a central hub where you can easily locate and retrieve visitor details. We have facility management, permit to work systems and incident hazard reporting software that adopts similar technology to make life easier.

Whatever your visitor management issues may be, we’ll create a tailored solution while also providing continued support and account management. We’ll even hold your hand the whole way. Affordability gets you cheap results; LinkSafe gets you results worth paying for.

Visitor management system benefits and features, tailored to you

  • Automated visitor sign-in process

    We understand that time is money. With our visitor management system, your visitor sign-in process becomes much faster by becoming automated. All your visitors need to do is sign in using a QR code or a tablet, select who they need to see from a contact list, provide their information and then simply wait for the host to arrive. This also frees up your front reception to focus on more important tasks.

  • Contactless sign-in

    Whether it’s contact tracing issues regarding a pandemic or keeping on top of infection control, contactless sign-in has become essential. Using any QR scanner, your visitors simply need to scan a QR code at the entrance of your building and fill out their details in an electronic form.

  • Instant automated alerts

    Getting tired of calling reception to check if a visitor has arrived? We don’t blame you. When your visitors check in and out of the system, an automated alert will be sent out to the host and any relevant parties to instantly notify them. This includes the exact location of where the visitor is on site and their sign-in location.

  • Multiple sign-in points

    Managing visitors across multiple office locations can quickly become a headache. With our LinkSafe visitor management system app in Australia, you can have as many sign-in points as you need. The host will also receive an alert of the exact location where each visitor signs in, resulting in an easy visitor check-in process.

  • Pre-book each visitor

    When it comes to important visitors, making a first impression is crucial – but you already know this. With our pre-booking feature, each visitor can easily pre-register before their visit to make signing in and out a breeze. This also is ideal for efficiently managing group check-ins. From our system dashboard, you can easily view how many visitors are scheduled, the location of their meeting, who they will be meeting with and more.

  • Complete system integration

    We get that businesses are using multiple systems and the last thing you need is yet another system to train your staff in using. Our visitor management system may be integrated with as many systems and third-party software as you are currently using. By enabling all your systems to talk to each other, everything can be controlled from one central hub.

  • Go paperless, ensure compliance

    Going paperless and compliance goes hand in hand. For example, having reception sign-in books results in time-consuming, manual data entry. It also presents a massive compliance risk as someone can easily take a photo and capture sensitive information. Luckily for you, our system tackles both issues in one easy to use system.

Visitor Management in 3 simple steps

Step 1
Visitor arrival

Your visitor arrives and then scans a QR code at the front of the building for contactless sign-in. Or, they can sign-in using a tablet at reception.

Step 2
Finalise check-in

Your visitor is then prompted with some custom information and any other relevant information they need to read, and then fills out their details.

Step 3
Host notification

Once your visitor has completed signing in, the host will then be sent an automated alert informing them of their arrival via sms and/or email.

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