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At LinkSafe, we are a client-focused, dynamic and fast-paced team that puts our clients first. We’re driven to create tailored solutions to their compliance challenges.

Intro to LinkSafe

How to easily manage workplace compliance with LinkSafe.

When boiled down, we’ve got the experience and industry-based knowledge to understand the types of compliance issues that arise across various industry sectors. That’s why we develop the right solutions to meet their ever-changing needs.

Who we work with

Helping you meet compliance requirements

We understand that each industry has its own set of regulations and requirements to adhere to, making contractor compliance a particularly difficult task to manage.

Whether it’s our contractor portal to allow contractors to handle the pre-qualification process on their end, our spot check compliance app for ensuring on-site contractors are compliant or more, we’ll design the exact solution you need.

Close relationship with clients

Our solutions are not off-the-shelf. Like your business, each solution is unique. That’s why we develop close relationships with our clients to get to the very core of their challenges and needs.

And once we’ve designed and created their personalised solution, we continue to partner with them and offer close support and service.

Easy integrations with existing platforms

When using multiple systems, managing credentials, documentation and other information can be a slow, draining process. With a focus on seamless integration, the LinkSafe system enables you to control everything from one central hub, allowing all your existing systems to talk to one another.

Understanding compliance throughout industry sectors

Our various accolades include being members of the Facilities Management Association,Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association, Leading Aged Services Australia, Institute of Health Engineers Australia and Association of School Business Administrators (what a mouthful).

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