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Bring Your Personnel and Site Management into The Modern Age

If your business is still using spreadsheets and email chains to track things like contractors, inductions and incident reports.

Then you’ve just unlocked a way to leave all that behind and save countless hours — plus untold amounts of money — by digitising and automating those processes.

LinkSafe’s suite of bespoke and fully customisable tools allows you to create a centralised online system that’s cleaner, faster and simpler than you might think possible.
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The Best Online Training Software  & Induction Portal in Australia

LinkSafe set out with one mission: to create the best online training software in Australia for companies that provide induction training or have special safety training needs.

LinkSafe – Linking Safety to People, Places & Process

It’s a goal we achieved, and today, LinkSafe is the primary choice of online training portal software in Australia. That status was achieved because our system works, and it works very well. Training managers appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of our system.

Australian made online training software for Australian conditions

When it comes to staff induction software, Australia has requirements that will differ considerably from the conditions in overseas locations. Laws, regulations, standards, industry bodies, and work environments can all be unique in varying degrees within Australia.

For that reason, it is most logical to choose Australian made staff training software in Australia. Software designed for use in other countries may not adequately cover everything your staff need to know to be effective and safe in their job roles.

Australia is a very different country to others, even within our own region, so software that is designed for Australia will always be the right choice.

Why online training is better

When you are evaluating different training solutions, you will quickly discover that web based training software offers considerable advantages over competing training methods.

You could purchase a standard software package that you install and deploy on your network, but then what happens if there’s a change that needs addressing?

You could end up spending a fortune paying for all the necessary upgrades every time there’s a minor change in legislation or some new safety issue is discovered that staff need to know about at the induction level. You never need to worry about this with LinkSafe, because our programs are dynamic and flexible.

That’s the key advantage with online training, and particularly when you choose online software based training courses from LinkSafe.

Another advantage of choosing online training software for Australia is that your employees can undertake the training at any convenient time, all at once or incrementally.

Employees can access and review the training information at any time, which makes everything much less stressful. If you can’t remember what the protocol is for accessing the boiler room between midnight and 6 am, you can simply look it up, and the information will always be the most up-to-date reference available.

How LinkSafe online software training is different

LinkSafe training systems are tailored to each individual client.

You can also be confident that your induction and training programs are fully up to date, relevant to Australian conditions, even if there are changes.

With LinkSafe you get training programs that are:

  • Tailored to your individual work site
  • Flexible and able to cope with change
  • Cost effective and affordable
  • Always available to meet training and reference needs

Online Induction Software- Practical knowledge your staff can use

All too often training provided with other systems is delivered as a basic lecture, with no interaction or trainee participation possible. The problem with that type of training is that unless it is delivered brilliantly, many people will stop paying attention well before the lecture has finished.

Properly constructed online training systems should be flexible enough to suit different types of learners. Good training systems will be capable of providing sufficient interaction with the user to ensure they are alert and thinking about the topic all the way through the program.

Other desirable features of the ideal training system include:

The benefits of effective training systems

When your training systems are intelligently developed, they will improve the quality of your results. The benefits are noticeable at every level of the business or service you provide.

Here are a few of the things you will notice:

  • Well trained staff are more confident. When people are trained properly, even when they are faced with an unfamiliar or unexpected condition, the greater confidence they gain from knowing they are trained means they will make more effective decisions.
  • Staff are happier when they receive adequate training. Knowing that a company has invested in proper training and is providing the right advice, information, and support, is really good in fostering positive morale within the company.
  • Effective training creates a safer workplace. It is quite obvious that when staff receive the right training in the right way, they’ll be more able to make good safety decisions. This will keep your insurance company happy and also reduces time lost due to injuries and accidents.
  • Investment in training leads to greater productivity. Being properly trained will help them be able to pick up skills and knowledge that will make them more efficient and effective in their tasks.

LinkSafe is the right choice for all Australian workplace Online Software Training Needs

No matter how big or small your workforce is, you need reliable training that has been developed for Australian work environments. LinkSafe provides reliable high quality training software online that focus on helping your staff learn and retain information quickly and effectively.

If you care about investing properly in your staff training, choose LinkSafe as your provider of online training software.

Why Choose LinkSafe Online Training Inudctions & Portals

As a result of the unique safety and environmental hazards that exist in many Australian workplaces, Australia has some of the strictest employee training regulations in the whole world.

For employers, these regulations can sometimes make life quite difficult: ensuring the entire workforce receives the correct training is an administrative and financial challenge, and failing to do so can result in an employer getting in serious trouble.

Even aside from the administrative and financial issues, staff training presents very real problems when it comes to finding a suitable time to take people out of their daily work routines.

And even with induction training, it is often extremely difficult to find the resources needed to fully train each new member of staff as and when individuals are recruited – particularly for smaller businesses.

Until relatively recently, employers faced a choice between two options when it came to employee training: providing training in person (either in-house or by an external training provider) or investing in computer-based software to be installed on a company computer for staff to use. Today, a third option is available.

Benefits of a Online Training Portal Software

The benefits of using online training portal software for staff training are numerous. With locally installed training software, IT staff are forced to spend valuable time installing and maintaining the product; with online training portal software, everything is handled over the internet by the training provider.

Furthermore, when small changes in legislation mean that employee training needs to be updated, the of doing so is rapid and hassle-free – whereas with installed software you need to wait for a major software update to be released before your training can be brought into line with the new law.

And of course, online training portal software makes it possible for staff to access training at any time that is convenient to them and on any computer with an internet connection.

So everything can be easily worked around your company’s schedule, and there’s absolutely no need for employee training to disrupt the working life of your business.

LinkSafe Online Induction Training

At LinkSafe, we have over 20 years of industry experience, enabling us to offer reliable and up-to-date online induction training to businesses of all sizes and in many different industries across Australia.

Our online training portal software is professional and versatile, and our team of friendly and professional staff are always happy to help and assist you in any way they can when it comes to ensuring your online induction training and other online training courses are entirely relevant to your particular business and staff.

So if you’re looking for a convenient way to ensure that your team receives all the training they need, contact LinkSafe today to discuss the options available with our online training portal software.

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LinkSafe is Australia’s leader in online induction software and online staff training software. We specialise in online training software & employment induction training for aged care, construction, volunteers, transport, retail, venue staff, emergency personnel and contractors to maximise workplace staff safety. Learn more about our compliance management software and online training software today.

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The Tools: Exactly Where LinkSafe Speeds Your Work Up

Our six applications are easy to use and fully customisable. You pay a one-off setup fee and a modest annual hosting fee (there are no per-head charges).
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About Our Web Based Training Software & Courses

Here at LinkSafe, we’re extremely proud of the reputation we’ve built for being one of the very best providers of online software training courses that Australian businesses have available to them. But this reputation wasn’t just established overnight. Our customers can rest assured that, when they choose us for web based training software, they’ll be working with a team of true professionals whose reputations have been forged by many years of regularly demonstrating consistently high standards.

Founded almost two decades ago and trading for some time under the name of RiskMap, the modern LinkSafe brand has undergone progressive refinement over the years, constantly being adapted and updated in order to ensure that the services we provide are always up to date and relevant.

With our strong commitment to creating unique, powerful and intuitive solutions to our customers’ online training software requirements as our most important guide, we’ve grown from humble beginnings into one of the leading providers of training software online in all of Australia.

Online Training Software Strategy Session

When you decide to use LinkSafe as your web based training software specialist, you can be confident that you’ll reap the rewards of our unique, highly popular approach. Unlike many providers of online software training courses, we believe in working extremely closely with each and every customer on an individual level, meaning that we can guarantee solutions which are specifically tailored to our customers’ needs and preferences.

We fully understand that each and every industry is unique, and we also know that every company approaches things from a slightly different perspective and with slightly different procedures. And yet we’re only too aware of the longstanding practice amongst both traditional and online training providers to create generic, one-size-fits-all training courses which aren’t always equally effective for every customer that purchases them.

In an effort to fill the gap in the market for a personalised, tailored approach to developing online training software, we will always be more than happy to arrange for new customers to have a totally free 30-minute strategy session with a member of our highly trained and experienced team of professionals.

There’s absolutely no obligation to go ahead and place an order; but, if you do, you can be sure that the software you receive will have been developed with your unique challenges and preferences in mind.

The Importance of Bespoke Online Software Training Courses

 Whilst standard training software can be a highly effective tool, it quite often fails to fully replace traditional, face-to-face training as the best means of passing skills and information on to your team.

This isn’t due to any deficiency with the online software, but rather because it naturally lacks the personalised touches that make face-to-face training courses more engaging – and the flexible, responsive approaches employed by professional trainers are hard to replicate with generic online courses.

But with bespoke training software online which has been developed with your specific company in mind, you can be sure that every part of the course will be directly relevant and engaging, providing you and your team with the most powerful, convenient and effective means available of staying always at the top of your game.

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Contractor Management

Add, manage and prompt your contractors on your computer, tablet or phone.

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Induction Management

Ensure everyone in your business is inducted and compliant using a simple online platform (no more time consuming face-to-face inductions!)

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Hazard Management

Record, assign, monitor and report on hazards in your business.

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Incident Management

Enable your staff to upload photos and documents, and build comprehensive incident reports

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Site Management

Gain full visibility across multiple worksites and ensure compliance without physically being there.

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Visitor Management

Bring guests to your company’s sites with minimum disruption and complete safety through a simple tablet-based app at the entrance.

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We Partner With Your Business To Save Time And Money

Moving from the old, manual way of managing your worksites, contractors, hazards and so on is simple and still, you won’t have to do it alone.

LinkSafe provides a dedicated account manager to help you digitise your existing process and establish your sleek, new, branded digital alternative.

We’re on hand to make sure the transition doesn’t disrupt your business — and creates long-term advantages for you, your contractors and your inductees.

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Our 100% Money Back Guarantee:

Pay Nothing if You Don’t See Clear and Substantial Improvements

LinkSafe’s proven software is as powerful as it is reliable. It helps you move your business away from the old, time-consuming manual methods and into a more efficient, accessible and reliable era. We’re sure you’ll see big improvements FAST.

In fact, we’re so sure that our software will save your company time and money If you DON’T feel it has benefited your business, we’ll give you a complete refund on your annual hosting at any time in your first 90 days as a LinkSafe client.


“The LinkSafe team provides exceptional service. I couldn’t fault them – they deliver”

Richard DovisonCorporate Services Director, Landmark

“We don’t have to worry about staff and contractor inductions or training – it’s all online, so easy, so quick. We have thousands of contractors and staff that have been inducted and trained thanks to LinkSafe and we’ve saved so much time and money.
The team really understands our business. Always available, helpful and responsive. They are proactive too, making updates and providing suggestions for improvements.”

Jo LombardiNational Health, Safety & Environment Manager for GrainCorp Foods

“As an Emergency Service - our own OH&S must be first-class. We use LinkSafe to prequalify and train both contractors and staff.
MFB has found that we have not only better compliance but improved retention of information - thanks to the LinkSafe online modules.
We’re happy, the contractors are happy and we’re saving time and money for both parties.”

Ian RooneyProperty Services Contracts Manager for MFB

“Very soon it became apparent that the system exceeded expectations by a considerable margin. They understood our needs and helped us through the implementation including the process of instructing our contractors
They’re great guys the LinkSafe team. Very co-operative, very helpful. They keep on improving the system too – providing exceptional value for money”

Ian RooneyProperty Services Contracts Manager for MFB

“Right from our first interactions, LinkSafe have been fantastic to deal with, always responsive and proactive
From an admin perspective the system is simple to manage.
It reduces the manual nature of the process, removes the requirement for field staff to perform inductions and enables contractors to complete inductions prior to attending site.”

Peter KessonSafety, Health & Well-being Coordinator for Goulburn Valley Water

“The system was rolled out with a minimum of issues and has continued along the same line. I have had feedback from users that this system is one of the best software packages which GVW have rolled out.”

Peter KessonSafety, Health & Well-being Coordinator for Goulburn Valley Water

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Unsung Online Training Software Benefits

With the best online training software in Australia in place, you can expect to see a vast improvement across several different areas within the company. Staff confidence and capability levels will be much higher, but other ways of engaging with a digital platform for training purposes can benefit your company.

Web-based training software negates a lot of waste, which can, therefore, have a positive impact on the green credentials of your company. Naturally, your first concern is that those working under your banner are capable and have the requisite knowledge and training to competently carry out the tasks that they were hired for.

However, with customer expectations for companies to behave in a much more ethical manner at an all-time high, this is a smart way to improve your stats in this area, while streamlining processes and procedures.

What Other Savings Are Made Through Staff Training Software?

For any business whose activities span a considerable area, or spread into different regions, there are more than a few ways that savings can be made by opting for online training portal software. Australia is a vast country, which means that the most experienced trainers and professionals that deliver induction for business are forced to travel a lot.

However, by embracing online technology, a huge reduction in gasoline can be made. If your new staff has to travel to link up with an induction trainer, or if your training staff continually move from one place to the next, then the gallons of gasoline added to your company tally quickly adds up.

Online training software gives Australia’s businesses another effective way to cut their gas dependency as well as maintaining a platform that delivers a consistent message from one location to the next.

What’s more, consider the reduction in your company’s carbon footprint that is achieved as a result of all of the pollutants that are not released into the atmosphere by choosing web-based training software alone.

If Australian businesses are going to make valuable contributions to the overall health of the environment, then thinking about paper consumption differently is important. Staff induction software in Australia is an effective way to eliminate the need for using paper.

One ton of paper waste amounts to the equivalent of 16 large trees and even the process of recycling depends on the use of oil. As such, embracing professional, bespoke systems that deliver a digital alternative is a viable means of achieving what you need, while also taking ethical steps toward a more sustainable future.

Maintain a Positive Relationship with Clients and Customers

Online software training courses are the ideal choice for companies across all industries to tailor the information that they need to their new hires. Here at Linksafe, our sales and support team are 100% client-focused, and with the presence of a dedicated account manager, you can expect a smooth transition that does not disrupt your business.

Embracing training software online achieves many advantages for your business, and it also helps maintain a positive relationship with your clients and customers.
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