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Australia’s Leading Incident Reporting & Management Software with Customised Reporting

Always ensure that you are planning for the worst-case scenario. When a potential issue or accident needs to be reported and addressed, make sure you are using an efficient and reliable online critical hazard incident management system like LinkSafe, now featuring customised incident reporting.

Our track record
Image of person working on laptop at a desk
13,000+ incidents logged
A person with a high vis shirt scanning a QR code with their phone
15,000+ hazards reported
Instant incident & hazard reporting
Instantly log a hazard or incident and assign to a user for required action.
Alert notifications
Instantly get notified via sms and/or email when an incident occurs.
Works with mac, PC & tablets
As long as they have an internet connection, our system will work.
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What is unique about our Incident & Hazard Reporting system?

Today’s unreported hazard is tomorrow’s serious incident. And even when a hazard is identified and reported, filling out, storing and retrieving paper-based reports is a slow, inefficient and outdated process.

With our cutting-edge hazard and incident reporting software in Australia, your staff gain access to a more efficient, modern, and online-based method of preventing serious accidents from happening. Our software includes options for customised incident reporting, contactless incident reporting, and automated incident reporting, making facility management, permit to work management, credential management and induction management much easier.

What do you get out of it?

Sifting through filing cabinets trying to find all the information regarding a report?

Not a problem, our online system lets you upload attachments such as documents, media, and other relevant details, keeping all information contained in one easy-to-locate report, streamlining the incident reporting process.

Is it taking too long to action a request?

Not a problem, our system enables you to create reports, workflows and audit requests with the click of a button. Incident reporting features ensure that admins can view incident reports within a secure database efficiently. With an easy-to-use dashboard that lets you report hazards and incidents on the go, keeping on top of safety just got a whole lot easier.

Online incident management system benefits and features, tailored to you

  • Going digital made easy

    Bringing all your paperwork into an online system is hard work, but not when you are using the right system. Our team can adjust the system to your needs, allowing you to easily transfer your current paper-based processes to an online system featuring automated incident reporting.

  • Report incidents & hazards as they happen

    Do you know your average turnaround time for reporting an incident or a potential hazard? Our system works on tablets, Mac or PC, enabling your team to instantly file a report on the go instead of having to begin a mountain of paperwork.

  • Instant alert notifications

    The moment an incident occurs, it’s crucial that all relevant parties are notified. This isn’t always easy, especially when managing multiple sites. This is why our critical hazard reporting and incident management software in Australia will send out instant SMS and/or email notifications to selected team members the moment an incident is reported. This enables you to act swiftly and address the issue before further issues arise.

  • Complete visibility

    Each assigned person can quickly access and view logged incident and hazard reports on the go, just by logging into the system. Apart from providing complete visibility, assigned team members can also update reports with relevant attachments in real-time, facilitating streamlined customised incident reporting.

Incident & Hazard Reporting in 4 simple steps

Step 1
The incident occurs

Simply and quickly work through the reporting form of pre-prepared questions, answering and uploading to ensure all required information is provided and logged.

Step 2

An instant alert is sent out to all appropriate contacts via sms and/or email to notify them.

Step 3
Creating a report

The assigned user then reviews the information and creates a report. They can also upload any relevant attachments such as photos, CCTV camera footage, doctor reports and other details.

Step 4

Once the recommended action has been taken, the report can then be closed or forwarded for further investigation.

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