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LinkSafe Concierge

This is LinkSafe Concierge – LinkSafe utilises professionally certified safety consultants to administer the platform from start to finish.  Not only can we design the platform utilising legally informed content, but we can act as an extension to your team.  Our team of consultants will be able to manage the pre-qualification and renewals of your contractors, administer the licence and credential checks, as well as provide assistance and support to contractors when required.  LinkSafe Concierge gives you the confidence of a consistent approach to contractor management by having a team of certified safety consultants managing the process for you.

Certified Safety Professionals
Our expert team supports you every step of the way
Legally Informed Content Creation
Streamline content creation with LinkSafe Legal. We customise a platform to meet your needs, eliminating the guesswork and saving time. Our expertise ensures legal compliance and minimizes risk and liability.
Effortless Contractor Onboarding
We handle mobilisation, invitations, pre-qualification, and management. Enjoy seamless usability, no need for resource allocation on your end, and receive regular updates on contractor compliance for your team.
We Are Your Team
Our professional services consultancy is an extension to your team – we’ll engage with your contractors and your business – making the process as seamless as possible.
Change Management Experts
We’ll help with the change management process – we’re the expert partners in your field – let us be a true concierge service for you!
Specifically Tailored for Your Business
Our approach is not generic; we create a customised contractor pre-qualification pool specifically for your business. We consider your unique requirements, understand your nuances, and tailor the contractor management workflow to align with your specific risk framework.
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What is unique about LinkSafe Concierge?

LinkSafe Concierge is a specialised service that involves building a contractor management workflow specific to your organisation’s requirements.  Rather than create an open-pool of contractors managed by offshore staff or a team of administrators, we utilise certified safety consultants to work closely with your business to ensure that contractors being pre-qualified meet your guidelines and criteria.  Whether it be content designed by your business or utilising content we have curated via LinkSafe Legal, we’ll ensure our team reviews and assesses each pre-qualification submission, converses with you on a regular basis, and provides regular monthly updates on the status of your contractor management journey.

We are about making the contractor management journey more accessible and available for businesses that have resource limitations.  LinkSafe Concierge is an extension to your team and is able to manage the process seamlessly whilst keeping your organisation informed every step of the way.

What do you get out of it?

Certified Safety Consultants

We are in touch with the market and we build relationships with your business! Your business will get to know the certified consultants that will work with you.

Monthly Summaries

We will meet with your team on a monthly basis to provide a summary of your contractor management journey.


Rather than cobble together a team, we will have our certified consultants give you peace of mind.

Time and Money

Let your team focus on your core business, this will save you time and money with us administering the process for you from start to finish.

LinkSafe Concierge in 3 simple steps

Step 1
Engage Us

LinkSafe Concierge will put the process into action

Step 2
Meet with the Team

Meet with our certified safety consultants who will be administering the platform for you

Step 3
Onboard your Contractors

We will commence the full process and manage it all

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