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Nirovision Doorkeeper Pro

Doorkeeper Pro by Nirovision streamlines the sign-in process by turning an iPad into a touchless face check-in kiosk. Combined with LinkSafe, it’s able to cross-check compliance on the spot to ensure people coming onsite meet your entry requirements. Leveraging biometrics, there is nothing to touch or scan. It’s easy, secure and extremely fast.

Easy to use
All you need is an iPad running the Doorkeeper app and contractors can start signing in with face identification. It’s completely touchless and easy to use.
Seamless integration with your LinkSafe
Auto sync contractors from LinkSafe so they are recognised when signing in. Cross-check compliance in under a second to streamline the whole sign-in process.
Enhanced security with biometrics
Prevent fraudulent sign-ins with a secure face identification check. Tie this in with compliance records to reduce contractor risk. Display stop messaging to anyone that is non-compliant and notify your team in real-time.
Access control that’s like magic
Integrate Doorkeeper Pro with door access to unlock doors with your face. Grant or deny entry for certain individuals and make a compliance check part of your access rules.
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Added benefits and features

Receive custom alerts

Receive sign-in and attendance alerts for certain individuals or groups of people.

Screen for high temperatures

Add Nirovision’s bluetooth thermometer to Doorkeeper to screen for temperature and be alerted for abnormal readings.

Keep your workplace alcohol free

Add an alcohol breath test to your sign-in process to ensure contractors are safe to come onsite. Display stop messaging and receive alerts for positive readings.

100% Australian-owned and developed

Nirovision is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with all technology, engineering and support in-house.

Private and secure

Nirovision leverages world-class technology partners that meet the strictest compliance standards. All client data, including thumbnails, results and metadata is stored and encrypted in disparate cloud systems, built on the Asia Pacific (Sydney) region of the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform. Nirovision stores data solely in Australia.

How to quickly checkin contractors

Watch a quick video to see how this works.

Nirovision Doorkeeper in 4 steps

Step 1
Auto-sync contractors to Nirovision

Contractors within LinkSafe can be auto-synced to Nirovision to enable automatic recognition at the point of sign-in.

Step 2

Contractors simply present to the Doorkeeper iPad when they arrive onsite.

Step 3

Nirovision auto-recognises the individual while LinkSafe conducts a compliance check in the background to know if someone is compliant or non-compliant.

Step 4
Signed in

If the contractor is compliant, they are successfully signed in. If not, Doorkeeper presents a stop message with instructions to contact management onsite and alerts admin via email.

It’s important to note that this whole process from arrival to sign-in takes less than 1 second and creates a digital record in the Nirovision system that can be reviewed via Nirovision web and mobile applications.

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