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Aged Care Visitor and Contractor Management Software

The aged care industry has to adhere to a multitude of stringent regulations, such as ensuring contractor compliance and accurately recording visitor information. At LinkSafe, we deliver an integrated, future-proof solution with our aged care contractor management software. This allows you to manage each facility independently, tailoring your operations to each unique context.

Enhanced Visitor Management in Aged Care

The challenges faced by aged care facilities are countless, from recording temperatures and pre-registering visitors, to accommodating visitors without smartphones for contactless sign-in. Our aged care visitor management software provides a simplified solution, allowing you to develop specific workflows for different visitor categories, including contractors, staff, and volunteers.

By using our unique and simple QR code system or pre-arrival sign-in via the LinkSafe app installed on an Android or tablet device, your visitors can effortlessly check-in. Our site management portal further enhances oversight by offering real-time tracking and reporting on anyone on-site at any given time.

Simplifying Contractor Compliance in Aged Care

Our aged care contractor management software takes the complexity out of managing contractor compliance in aged care facilities. We deliver a simple end-to-end compliance system, streamlining everything from contractor onboarding and inductions, to credentials collection and validation. Our system sends immediate notifications for non-compliance instances, detailing the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

Our aged care contractor management solutions integrate seamlessly with our future-proof visitor management system. Through our robust API, LinkSafe can merge with your crucial compliance-centric systems, including procurement ERP and asset management work order systems, ensuring you’re prepared for the present and future demands of the industry.

From contractor and credential management to incident and hazard reporting, induction management, legal expertise and a host of other applications, LinkSafe provides tailored solutions to all your compliance challenges.

We also compliment contractor management by having a strong client focused and future-proof visitor management system. Through our API, LinkSafe can integrate with your key compliance-oriented systems including procurement ERP and asset management work order systems now and in the future.