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What sets us apart

We’ve established our reputation by working closely with our clients to understand the very core of what their specific needs and challenges are.

The LinkSafe Difference

You and your business are unique, and so are the risks to everything you have worked hard to build. So, off the shelf online contractor safety management solutions just won’t cut it. You need a solution that is flexible and customised to be efficient and targeted to your particular concerns.

LinkSafe prides itself on creating online safety management systems that are informed by our relationship with our clients. We spend time understanding your business, your risks and the concerns you have to deliver the best possible solution.

Our discovery meetings will uncover specific challenges you face and will create the right set of solutions to manage your contractor risk and governance requirements. Our sales team and safety legal expert will talk to you to help you really understand what you need to have in place to protect you, your business and your contractors.

In addition LinkSafe has the leading Australian contractor safety lawyer on staff to provide advice and ongoing support to our clients. Our legal advisor will design an online system that provides protection for your business and sets the scene for excellence in contractor safety management.

Designing a Tailored Solution

At LinkSafe, we’ve established our reputation by working closely with our clients to understand the very core of what their specific needs and challenges are – not coming in straight away with a list of software packages and a pricing list.

How we work with our clients

Whether your challenge is mitigating risk exposure, automating processes, streamlining your onboarding process and inductions, capturing and recording all visitor information across multiple sites or more, our in-house team will design and build the management solution you require, tailored to how you run your business.

1. Listen to clients

Instead of a salesperson telling you why you need us, we let you do the talking. We conduct a comprehensive conversation to uncover your core needs, management challenges and the goals you are working towards as well as identifying any legal and safety operational concerns you have.

2. Discovery session

In our complimentary 60 minute discovery session, we will gain a clear understanding of your concerns and you will get an up-close look at how the LinkSafe system works to manage those concerns.

3. Personalised solutions

From understanding your exact needs, we will then recommend and discuss the solutions you require and how we can tailor them towards how your business and staff operate.

4. Customised setup

Our in-house software development and legal team will design and create your custom software solution, ensuring that it will integrate with your current systems, incorporate your business’s branding, is user-friendly and much more.You don’t need to worry about spending weeks developing content for your system our legal expert will do it all for you including supplying

  • Legal clauses
  • Prequalification questionnaire
  • Building induction content
  • Collection of credentials
  • Permits to work

5. Training & support

Once your custom solution is created, we provide training to ensure everyone in your business can easily use the system. Our account manager will also stay in touch to make sure everything is working for you.

You will also have access to free webinars, updates of case law and our online blog to stay up to date with best practice contractor safety management, and be able to contact our legal expert for advice.

6. Reviews & maintenance

We pride ourselves on creating long-term partnerships with our clients and will continually review your situation to identify any potential areas for improvement, all while providing regular maintenance to ensure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Our legal expert also ensures that the content we supply is regularly updated to reflect changes to legislation, new and emerging risks and changing workplace conditions (Think COVID-19!)

Our approach to Account Management

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