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Lactalis Case Study

2 minutes
Jun 2021


“LinkSafe simplified a really complex contractor management process. They resolved the complexities of compliance and contractor management and turned it into an easy and straightforward manageable system. LinkSafe have saved the time of our contractors substantially where it now takes five minutes to induct on site because most of the induction can be done at home online before arriving on site.” – Rodney Hall Head of Health and Safety and the Environment.

Lactalis Australia specialise in dairy products is owned and operated by the Lactalis Group. A 3rd generation, French family-owned business, Lactalis Group is the world’s largest fresh dairy company with over 250 production sites and 80,000 employees across 94 countries.


“Obviously our challenges centred around having so many contractors and ensuring they were fully compliant. We also knew our contractors struggled to come to terms with whether they were compliant or were up to date with their insurance certificates. LinkSafe allowed us to manage that process far more effectively and efficiently. It allowed us to resolve matters while also allowing us to add different levels of induction to the task and jobs contractors were actually doing. Truck drivers didn’t need to know about electrical wiring or plumbing. The reduction of administration and induction has been amazing.”

Lactalis is proudly diligent about its vigilance toward the safety of its staff and contractors. LinkSafe has allowed Lactalis to mitigate against risks by created an a safer, effective and efficient environment for it to manage its contractors and their compliance status.


According to Rodney Hall, “The Solution has delivered a concise, easy to use Contractor Management System that gives Lactalis a compliance management and induction platform which allows Lactalis staff and its contractors to follow and understand in a simple and easy manner. The ease of use of LinkSafe’s Contractor Management System has meant we could improve our insurance management, have a greater notification of site changes and allows us to use and extract information as required.”


“Lactalis now has a faster induction process, that has improved our level of engagement with our contractors. We no longer have to rely on requiring vast numbers of staff present on site. We are now assured of understanding who’s compliant and where contractors are who’s on our site.”
“LinkSafe is a proactive user friendly, versatile organisation that is prepared to be open and responsive to tailoring the system to meet our needs and how we want the system to operate.”

– Rodney Hall Head of Health and Safety and the Environment