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RetPro Case Study

May 2021

RetPro is a specialist retail property service provider operating in key markets throughout Australia. Its expertise is in shopping centre management, retail strategic advisory services and retail leasing.

“LinkSafe have brought a new operational paradigm of consistency to all of our contractors. Their commitment and support from day one has been extraordinary”.

– Ping Chai, Operations Manager, Dandenong Plaza.

Prior to engaging LinkSafe’s Contractor Management Systems (CMS), LinkSafe were already partnering with RetPro, using LinkPro. However, it has been the digitisation of all of RetPro’s paper-based contracts, which RetPro heavily relied on to manage the maintenance of their properties, that has helped RePro take the next step in its evolution.

Now they use LinkSafe’s Contractor Management Systems for all their building, engineering and maintenance needs.

“Our Infrastructure was already with LinkSafe and that’s why we moved to use their Contract Management System. It has helped reduce the workload of our Compliance Manager and all the documentation around compliance.”

– Ping Chai, Operations Manager, Dandenong Plaza.

The Challenge

Streamlining and an expanding business is what made RetPro want to use LinkSafe’s CM System. It’s been from that point, RetPro and LinkSafe have been grown even stronger together. RetPro recognised the critical need for a system that would deliver on everything RetPro wanted!

“Our Original Challenge was how do we streamline and manage the presence and whereabouts of all of our contractors – from when they have signed in and signed out to tracking all compliance documents required from our contractors!

“It’s been a huge winner and popular amongst our contractors and operational staff. Everything has now become so much simpler and easier!

The Solution

Clear lateral thinking is the solution to resolving issues which is why using LinkSafe’s Contract Management System became the critical piece to a problem RetPro was struggling to deal with.

RetPro wanted to be able to track everything online and notify its contractors when they needed to renew all insurances and documents.

RetPro’s Ping Chai said, “LinkSafe’s Contract Management System has helped transform and reduce a tedious time-consuming workload where we were overburdened with a manual system that was almost impossible to manage.”

“Implementing LinkSafe’s Contract Management System has not only helped to streamline how we operate, but the service and support we are now able to deliver our contractors has also improved significantly.”

The Results

Ping Chai says, “Contractor compliance has dramatically risen and the need to manually search through paper-based documents to alert contractors they need to renew their insurances is now a thing of the past. Automatic reminders are issued to all contractors with a follow-up prompt. The system is amazing.

“What is clear is that not only has our unrealistic workload reduced significantly which allows operations to focus on other aspects of our jobs, but it has also reduced our exposure to risk around Work, Health and Safety.”