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Services Industry

Whether it’s repairs, cleaning, maintenance or more, service-related businesses face the challenge of managing a large contractor and employee workforce across their many customer sites. With LinkSafe, this all becomes a walk in the park.

Fast & easy contractor pre-qualification

With a large contingent of contractors working throughout an even larger number of customer sites, ensuring that each contractor is pre-qualified and that their insurances are valid before stepping on-site can be a particularly tough challenge.

Our LinkSafe contractor portal provides a more automated approach by having your contractors handle the compliance of their staff. All you have to do is examine the information before they are approved. Our portal also allows your contractors to manage all their inductions, on-site registers, insurance and documents from their end.

Stress-free induction management

With so many contractors and customer sites to manage, also having to manage each of their inductions can turn into a nightmare. For a stress-free alternative, the LinkSafe system can eliminate your induction nightmares by allowing for role-based inductions to be set up.

With credential, induction and contractor management solutions from LinkSafe, you will gain peace of mind. Every contractor who steps onto one of your customers’ sites will have the valid insurances, licences and other credentials, and ensure they are correctly inducted to do what they’re doing Prior to performing works.