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LP StratiCo Case Study

2 minutes
Oct 2022


“LinkSafe has played a significant role in enabling our company to expand at a rapid pace to fulfil our contractual obligations. The entire team has always been there to accommodate and alter the needs of our management requirements as we only continue to expand.” – Phillip Strati, Director of LP StratiCo

Led by a dedicated and dynamic wife and husband team, LP StratiCo is an Australian-based, fully licensed, boutique building insurance company specialising in the property insurance division. LP StratiCo are specifically recognised in the industry as a complex claim builder – highly regarded by their clients to provide repairs for difficult claims that require a significant amount of planning and methodology. Based in Sydney, the LP StratiCo team is currently operating in Canberra, Wollongong, and Queensland.


“We had no screening procedures in place in order to ensure we maintained a selected team of professionals and more importantly that they were actually staying compliant with insurances.”

“We realised quite quickly as soon as we were awarded a commercial supplier agreement with a major insurer that we needed a quicker and more efficient way to expand our trade base whilst ensuring that the quality and reputation of our company is not compromised. Linksafe was our solution!,” said Phillip.


According to Phillip Strati, “LinkSafe allowed our company to expand its trade base and manage our contractors on a large volume and in a short period of time. This assisted in our expansion to be able to compete as a small business against larger established corporations.”

“The engagement of LinkSafe also allowed us to be significantly recognised as safety and management focused, which is extremely important in our industry working with live sites and sometimes with vulnerable people.


LinkSafe has enabled LP StratiCo to develop and manage a strict panel of subcontractors – eliminating any pyramid subcontracting, human errors and ensuring that a high level of compliance is maintained.

LP StratiCo is now recognised as a safety and quality-focused specialisation, resulting in a massive appeal to key stakeholders. “LinkSafe has aided in rebranding us in a competitive market as a company that is highly focused and invested into safety and quality,” said Phillip.