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Not-for-profit organisations need to be able to focus on doing what they do in order to help their local communities, without getting bogged down in admin tasks. With LinkSafe, our range of personalised solutions ensure that they are freed up to focus on their important work.

Easily manage volunteers

As with any not-for-profit organisations, relying on volunteers for a range of different areas is crucial, such as running op shops, helping at events and promoting the business. Manually inducting all these volunteers and managing their licences and credentials is a nightmare.

The LinkSafe induction management system provides an ideal, easy to use and tailored solution for managing volunteers of all ages. It ensures that every single volunteer is taken through and completes the required information at their own pace, enabling them to quickly begin helping.

Ensuring safety & compliance requirements

There can be instances where some or all sites will simply engage contractors directly to get something done. It could be a mate, a friend of a friend or the result of a quick online search.

This can lead to the necessary safety and compliance requirements being bypassed, resulting in exposure for the organisation and putting everyone on their sites in direct risk.

Our system can ensure that every single contractor that is engaged to do any work will follow all required workflows to become pre-qualified, approved and compliant. LinkSafe’s contractor management solution guarantees that all requirements are being met when any contractor signs in on-site.

It also takes away pressure from volunteers needing to see who is inducted. The contractor can easily scan the QR code which will return instantaneous results.