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Emerging Technology Trends

It’s hard for industry not to feel the impact of change technology has created

The world is a different place from what it was 30-years ago, even the last two years have seen a dramatic seismic shift of change in technology.

Blink, and what is now, becomes a ‘just then memory of the past’, the change is fast and the pace at which it happens is lightening. It’s little wonder keeping up is incredibly difficult.

No industry, country, man, woman or child has been able to escape technology’s clutches. Even the die-hard traditionalists have succumbed to its evolution.

Regardless of what the industry is – all have been beneficiaries. Reasoning against the positives is almost impossible.

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Changes hard to pick
Technology for efficiency

Changes hard to pick

As much as technology changes, trying to pick what those changes may be is difficult.

All anyone can go by is the trends of the past to try and pick the emergence of the future.

In the safety sector, technology has played a decisive role in revolutionising the management of manpower and how to ensure contractors comply with legislative requirements.

Technology has provided companies with a lens to create change and manage behaviour to ensure safety through digital processes are delivered.

It’s a reasonable assumption to make, technology has saved many lives throughout many industries and naïve to suggest otherwise.

The world continues to evolve and so do industry and business.

Behind the change are the technocrats devising better and smarter forms of technology that allows industry to streamline and eliminate repetitive and menial tasks where business be more resourceful in how they use employees.

Technology for efficiency

Technology throughout industry is all about working smarter efficiently and effectively. The triple threat all businesses strive to achieve.

Look to the future and the emerging technology trends in the safety sector, should see the automation of processes where smart systems are used to allow contractors to be onboarded and inducted, where attendance is managed more effectively, saving time and money.

Robust platforms will be in place, and through Application Programming Interface (API’s) these best of breed solutions will be integrated with one another – where platforms will be built from inception.

Contractors will not only be onboarded they will be automatically issued with work order requests, managing tasks on-site, etc.

Technology advancements will become even savvier – Project Managers will access data remotely giving them even more insight into the progress of works, compliance status, who should be and shouldn’t be on site.

These are just some of the changes the safety sector can expect in the very future – changes that create a new more efficient and effective way to work and save lives in the process.