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Helping to Keep Contractors Safe with Contactless Inductions

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Helping to Keep Contractors Safe with Contactless Inductions

Safety has always been an important workplace topic although some companies haven’t treated it as seriously as they should do. Over the years, however, there has been much more emphasis placed on health and safety, and that’s been recently ramped up even more with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic as a necessary means of overcoming the threat.

The virus has brought about many changes to working methods in an attempt to keep employees better protected and safe. One of the main aims of these altered procedures has been to reduce the level of direct contact between people and so avoid the danger of infection. This has affected many aspects of working, starting right from the initial induction process for employees and contractors. Admitting new people to sites presents a safety risk and everything possible needs to be done to mitigate the threat.

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Improving Traditional Induction Methods
A Better and Safer Method

Improving Traditional Induction Methods

The aims of the company induction management are to ensure workers are made aware of site features and hazards, have the ability to do the job properly, possess necessary and up-to-date documentation and can work safely on site without being a risk to themselves or others. The traditional way of conducting an induction has been a face-to-face meeting, often with many other new contractors present in the same room. Site features, risks and procedures are described, papers are distributed with required information and documents are made available for completion.

All of this involves a lot of close contact with other people and the need for contractors and others to touch multiple sheets of paper and other surfaces. In today’s environment, this is a very risky process and presents countless opportunities for viruses and other threats to be spread. Aside from the safety aspects, a traditional induction is wasteful of human resources, inefficient in achieving its aims and difficult to monitor afterwards.

A traditional induction involves a lot of setting up, requires the reservation of a room and means that everyone has to be present at the same time. Contactless inductions have none of these drawbacks and allow a much more efficient, effective and safe process.

A Better and Safer Method

Using the LinkSafe contactless induction app, there is no paper, no need to physically attend site at a prescribed time and no risk of infection. Instead, there’s a smooth and efficient process that can be completed when and where convenient, and which ensures that no-one is admitted to your site unless they have successfully completed the induction process.

Every company is different and has its own procedures and ways of operating so LinkSafe enables you to can compile the induction process quickly and easily by bringing together pre-prepared questions and details. And you can create a number of separate processes that are tailored for specific sites and contractor groups rather than having a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Contractors will be invited to complete inductions and can do so from anywhere and at any time using a suitable mobile device. They will be taken through the process in a simple and logical manner until they complete all sections successfully.

Access to sites will only be allowed for those contractors who have completed the induction and are fully compliant and conversant with site procedures. And if anything changes, they will be automatically notified and required to complete an update to the induction process before entry is permitted. As a result, you’ll have a safer and more secure site and you’ll achieve this in a much more efficient manner with staff time available to undertake other important tasks. Information is key to having a secure and safe site, and the LinkSafe contactless induction will ensure you always have the latest version.