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LinkSafe QR Codes and How They’re Used

One of the most powerful task automation features of the LinkSafe system is the ability to use QR codes to check contractors are compliant and to allow them to sign in on-site.

QR codes can be implemented and displayed at the worksite in many different ways, and the best way to display them can depend on the nature of the site area where they are to be displayed and the permanency of the installation.

QR codes could be used to record when a person checks in to a site, when they check out from the site, to permit or deny access to an area, or to record the commencement or completion of a task.

The most typical use of QR codes is to sign workers in to unmanned sites. They can also be used on any worksite, however. There is no requirement for the site to be unmanned for QR codes to be a practical solution. In fact, using QR codes is usually the best possible solution on any site where attendance needs to be logged or where mission critical tasks need to be tracked.

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How QR codes are used on the worksite
Best practice to follow and policy considerations Advantages of LinkSafe

How QR codes are used on the worksite

Contractors arriving on the site scan QR codes using their own mobile device. This will connect to check the LinkSafe servers and record the check in event. If the QR code is scanned a second time by the same device, this would constitute a check out event.

The same method can be used for tracking the start and end time of a particular task and can also be used to record attendance at meetings or other events where it is important to know how many people are in attendance and who they are.

Because contractors use their own devices, it saves your company from having to spend money providing devices for the purpose.

Best practice to follow and policy considerations Advantages of LinkSafe

LinkSafe offers the best system for check in, check out, attendance tracking, and site access control. The benefits include:

  • Improved security – nobody can enter the site without a valid QR code scan
  • Better emergency management – you know where each contractor is, and how many people are present, including (if the system has been set up to do this) what specific areas each of them can be found
  • Better site auditing – having accurate data of who is present in which areas and at what times is helpful in investigations, as well as detecting problematic conditions such as people working excess hours in occupations where there are legal mandates prohibiting this (e.g. Air Traffic Controllers).
  • Simplified compliance management – LinkSafe allows you to store all the legal compliance data (insurance status, qualifications, licenses, site induction completion, etc.) for every contractor, so you can quickly access information and receive notifications of impending problems before they occur.
  • Comprehensive reporting – you can generate a flexible range of custom reports to suit any business reporting need related to site management.

To find out how you can bring these benefits to your company, talk to a LinkSave representative.

To find out more about how you can bring these benefits to you LinkSafe, talk to a LinkSafe consultant today.