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Making employee induction quick and easy

Inductions are a necessary task at many industrial sites, but not a task that is usually entered into gladly. Inductions can be a pain for employers and employees alike. The remedy for this problem is to make it possible for candidates to complete employee induction training offsite, which reduces the administrative overhead for the employer and makes induction more convenient for the employee, as the training can be completed when and where it suits the employee best.

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Why giving employees more control is a good idea
Advantages of online induction training
Best online induction training software

Why giving employees more control is a good idea

Every employee at a work site where induction is a mandatory requirement will need to complete the induction. That should be the only restriction on the freedom of the employee or contractor before commencing work at the site. With the technology that exists today, it is no longer reasonable to expect people to attend onsite inductions, and it is actually disadvantageous to do so.

The alternative is to use online induction training, which is far simpler and more convenient for everyone. This way the candidate is able to complete the induction from anywhere they can access the Internet. It gives them more control and freedom to complete the induction at a time and place where it doesn’t interfere with any of their other responsibilities. They will appreciate this and it also saves you the burden of providing supervision for the induction.

Advantages of online induction training

The traditional onsite induction session involves a candidate listening to a lecture or watching a video presentation. The induction may be conducted in a group session or individually. The big problem with this induction method is that there is no way to be sure the candidate is actively listening or watching.

Keeping the attention of the candidate focused is important because the information is directly related to safety, security, and economic responsibility. It’s also difficult because this information is often delivered in a way most people find boring. In consequence, vital information may be missed.

Online training engages the learner through active participation and interactivity. The learner is no longer a passive spectator. The content can be completed in stages, and interactive quizzes can be used (and these quizzes can be delivered in different forms such as multiple choice tests, flashcards, puzzles, and essay-style Q&A) for tracking progress and evaluating the success or failure of the induction.

At the end of the induction process, the candidate can be properly tested on their worksite knowledge to ensure the induction information has been properly understood and memorized.

Because the employee induction training is completed online, it means the candidate can review all the training resources as often as necessary, until the details are clear and easy to recall.

Not every candidate will necessarily take the induction process seriously, but unlike in traditional induction sessions, the online induction will allow you to rapidly identify which candidates have taken the process seriously and which have not.

Best online induction training software

Online inductions are definitely the best option, but not all online induction software is equal (or even similar). The proper way for online induction software to be designed is so that all the material is delivered in a relevant way, with structure, assessment, and critical analysis. Engaging the candidate with interactive lessons, exercises, and perhaps even simulations will give the best chance for the information to penetrate and take hold in the memory of the candidate.

LinkSafe is Australia’s very best induction training software because it is designed to fulfil all the necessary criteria of good induction software design. It has been designed and developed by experts in employee induction training, safety experts, and elite software engineers.

You can be certain that choosing LinkSafe means you will get the results you expect.