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The Importance of Induction in Education

The start of a school term can be an exciting time for staff members. It can also be a busy time with everyone needing a proper induction into the ways of the organisation. Staff members and contractors may also join throughout the year and have to go through the same induction process before they can be admitted to site.

The induction is the first and possibly most important stage in each person’s relationship with the establishment and the aim of each one is to ensure that a person is familiar with how the establishment works, knows what is expected of them and can settle in quickly. For an educational establishment, safety is also particularly important and that extends not only to a person’s conduct but also to the way the induction is conducted. In today’s Coronavirus-aware environment, this means conducting a contactless inductions when possible so that risks are reduced to the minimum.

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Contactless Inductions are the Perfect Solution
Preparing a Comprehensive Induction Programme

Contactless Inductions are the Perfect Solution

A company induction management can take a long time to process and a lot of resources to set up. That’s particularly true in an educational setting where teachers, other staff members and contractors require different on boarding information which requires separate inductions for each role. A traditional induction also involves a lot of paper, with inductees generally being presented with an induction pack, and probably too much direct contact in these risk-averse times.

A contactless induction can resolve many of these problems because:

  • everything can be put together in digital form so there’s no paper involved
  • it’s a relatively simple matter to compile a base induction with common information and then adapt it for each category of inductee by adding relevant details
  • each induction can be logically structured and made easy for the inductee to follow and understand
  • inductees can access the induction any time before their start date using an appropriate mobile device and so will be fully compliant before coming on site
    any changes to policies and procedures can be notified to anyone who is affected and they can be required to complete an update to their induction
  • security will be enhanced because nobody will be allowed on site until they have successfully completed the induction process.

Preparing a Comprehensive Induction Programme

Each induction will be tailored to the needs of the role and will typically include:

  • an introduction to the establishment and its facilities
  • main contacts for particular situations
  • calendar and timetable for relevant activities
  • job description
  • code of conduct and expected behaviour
  • key policies and procedures, including acceptable use of equipment and the safeguarding of students, for which necessary training may be provided
    terms and conditions
  • recognition of abuse and other concerns, and how to respond to and report them
  • health and safety requirements and arrangements.

The completion of the induction will be automatically logged on the person’s record with all the information and documentation they have provided. The process will help the inductee to understand the establishment’s objective and culture, will improve staff retention and will enable you to evaluate the success of the programme through feedback and to make improvements.

Within education, the safeguarding of children and older students is of primary importance and it is essential that a safe environment is created. Using LinkSafe’s contactless induction process, you can also conduct working with children checks and help to ensure everyone’s safety is treated with the upmost importance. LinkSafe’s contactless induction process helps ensure your establishment’s inductions are conducted as safely as possible.