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Manufacturing Industry

All manufacturing sites have their own unique set of risks as a result of the varied nature of manufacturing. This includes the different requirements, machinery, workflows and hazards that are involved. With the LinkSafe system, all this can be easily managed from one system.

Always online 24/7

Many manufacturing sites operate 24/7 and sometimes they have large-scale shutdowns in which an influx of contractors will be required for servicing, maintenance and upgrades. This means it is essential that they have a system that does the same to handle and manage various tasks such as compliance checking and signing in around the clock.

Our LinkSafe system is always available 24/7. If a site manager needs to log in at any time to search and locate specific information, undertake a compliance check or even sign someone in and out, our system makes it quick and simple to do so.

Ensure every individual on-site is compliant

It is a hard and laborious task to manually ensure that each individual on-site is licensed and qualified to operate different types of machinery. LinkSafe provides an easy real-time way to ensure that all contracting companies and their workers, regardless of the specific site they’re attending, are compliant and qualified to be on-site.

With the LinkSafe spot check app, it becomes quick and easy to scan an individual’s card to check all of their licences and credentials, ensuring that they are approved to be on-site and doing what they are doing.