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Sporting & Entertainment Industry

In the sporting and entertainment industry, juggling the roles of managing contractors, consultants, food and beverage merchants, coaches and more can quickly become overwhelming. With LinkSafe, we offer a tailored and modular solution.

Shift the workload onto contractors

With the amount of contractors being sent out to multiple locations, the pre-qualification process can become increasingly difficult to manage. But why go through all this when you can have the contractors handle this process instead?

Our system enables the contractor to complete their pre-qualification so all you have to do is review their submitted information and approve from your end. By using the LinkSafe contractor portal, your contractors can easily manage a range of their own information such as insurance, documents, worker inductions and more.

Easily manage inductions from a centralised database

Apart from our pre-qualification platform, LinkSafe can also set up various role-based inductions within the platform as well. This can be tailored for inducting volunteers, food and beverage managers, contractors, entertainers and many other roles.

This can all be managed from a centralised database, enabling you to monitor crucial areas such as compliance, send out email reminders to individuals and provide you with a concise overview of who is on-site and their attendance.