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Whether it’s entertainment venues, hotels or pubs, we know just how important (and a struggle) it is to ensure the sheer amount of contractors and organisers are onboarded, inducted and managed within a short amount of time. Our system makes this a piece of cake.

Streamlined onboarding, induction & compliance

The LinkSafe system can be tailored for different locations, events and facilities to help manage their own contractors. Each facility gains a holistic overview of how it all comes together, being able to onboard a large number of contractors within a short amount of time, have clear oversight and quickly induct individuals at short notice.

Due to many of these facilities requiring out of hours servicing, our system makes it easy regarding signing in, checking compliance and issuing permit to work approval when an individual steps on-site or before they arrive.

Easily manage contractors & other individuals

With facilities containing a vast amount of space, communicating with your contractors can be much more difficult than it needs to be. With LinkSafe’s SMS broadcasting feature, you can easily send out an SMS to all individuals or specific contractors on a certain site. They can then use the hyperlink to acknowledge they’ve read the SMS.

The LinkSafe contractor portal also makes it simple for your contractors to see which worker is compliant before sending them to a site. Contractors can cite the time and attendance of all their staff that have been sent on-site as well.